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Founded in 1999, Imprimis Productions began as a collective proving ground between friends. An environment in which a range of screenplays, narrative and experimental videos, visual effects projects were developed and cultivated to evolve and enhance techniques to push the boundaries of story telling. Over the years members have adapted and honed skills to best create budget conscious and quality focused content and entertainment.

In the coming years, Imprimis Productions and its members will continue to advance, forging original content and pushing forward with independent feature film projects and short films.



Sacha P. Nathan, multi-disciplined independent director/filmmaker, writer/author, photographer, and musician.

As an author he has written and published two novels: 'Helianthus Anathema: On The Trail of The Sunflower Killer' (2013) and 'The Constant Wake' (2014). Both of which have ties to his film 'The Sunflower Speaks'. In 2016, he released his album entitled "Eschaton Pulse". In 2009, his film 'Shut Eye' was part of the Official Selection and an Official Nominee in the Action on Film Festival, USA. Additionally in 2011, 'No Future' was part of the Official selection. His horror film 'Malware' shot for the Bloody Cuts 'Who's There Film Challenge (2013) was part of the 'Top 50 Selection', in addition to being listed among the favourites for 'Best Director', receiving honourable mentions for 'Best Effects' and the shortlist for 'Best Editing'.

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